About ICWC


Following the international growing interest of establishing specialized centers for documentation and information and as one of the lead projects of the Children Welfare society, the Information Centre for Women and Children was established in December 1995.

The importance of the centre evolves from its ultimate goal of creating a women and children specialized information network that serves researchers in the Kingdom and the GCC countries by cooperating with local, arab and international organizations to strengthen the network.


  The main goals of the centre are:

 aThe establishment of an integrated automated system in the field of women and children and related issues, has a distinctive personality and has the ability to adjust and adapt to global and local systems, and further progress made in these areas.

aCooperation with local authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as well as with Arab organizations and international governmental and non-governmental organizations and agencies in the Arab countries, and international information networks to strengthen the system.

To provide information that will contribute to the elaboration of development policies at all levels, and provide support and technical assistance to non-governmental organizations and researchers, specialists and workers in the areas of interest.  






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